Portland Fit is one of the largest and most successful training programs in the world. (Yeah, you read that right.) But is it right for you? Answer: Absolutely. Portland Fit’s goal is to get you in the best shape of your life with the maximum amount of fun and support. We do that by combining the following elements:

- USA FIT’s scientifically designed training schedule.
- A staff of 100 coaches, assistant coaches, medical staff, and other support.
- 15 years of experience training thousands of runners and walkers just like you.

Still don’t think we really mean “runners and walkers like you?”
- Watch our video (http://www.portlandfit.com/intro-video/) and look around. This video was filmed entirely at Portland Fit.
- Some of our members had never done a 5K (about 3 miles) before joining.
- Some of our members ran 3x a week on the same 3mi route every time.

Look at the pictures on our website. See the smiling faces? The only difference between them and you is that they clicked the Train With Us button in the upper right corner of our website (www.PortlandFit.com).

Benefits of membership:
- Scientifically tested training schedule.
- Certified coaches and assistant coaches.
- Weekly group meetings and coaching clinics.
- A technical training shirt.
- Discounts at Portland Running Company and other partners.

When you join Portland Fit, you become a part of the Portland Fit community. Our members come from every walk of life. We have twentysomethings and we have seventysomethings. We have fast runners and not-so-fast runners. And we have lots of walkers. But only one person can be last and his name is Chris and he wears a shirt that says “if you can read this, you’re in last place” on the back. So don’t worry about winning the marathon. It’s hard work, but it just may the most rewarding thing you’ve done in a while.
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