Most people dream of running a full or half marathon but don't think they fit the "profile" of the ideal marathoner. With groups like Portland Fit in the area, the myths that keep people from believing they can experience the thrill of a long distance race are finally debunked. 

Members of Portland Fit, which is taking memberships for runners and walkers of all experience levels in the Portland area through Saturday, April 2, at, represent a wide range of athletes with equally varying personal goals.

We debunked these myths in a previous article. But if you aren't convinced, take the quiz below and see how anyone can make it across the finish line.

Ready to Get Started? Then Register Today with Portland Fit!

Portland Fit will offer one last day to START training this Saturday, April 2, at 8 am at Zidell Yards/South Waterfront. If you have taken the winter off, now is a great time to get out for a few short, easy runs to get your body ready.

When you bring a friend to Portland Fit and they register as a first-time member, you will get a $10 Portland Running Company gift card – so bring all your friends and family to start a journey of a lifetime!

If you don’t bring any friends, Portland Fit is also a great place to meet new people. With the brand-new Tilikum Crossing pedestrian bridge completion last summer, the South Waterfront is becoming a popular area with several food and beverage choices nearby – it’s easier than ever to grab a coffee after a Portland Fit run or walk with some of your new friends. 

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